Knowledge matters for everybody

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"Knowledge management?" "Isn't that something we all do, here and there?" "But what exactly is knowledge, and why does it need managing?" These questions fueled a new workshop our team developed and piloted in April 2024, aiming to make knowledge management accessible and engaging. Designed for both teams and individuals, the workshop offers interactive sessions to help participants understand and implement knowledge management in their professional environments, highlighting its benefits for collaboration.

There is now a term for something we have always done anyway: Knowledge Management. Now we have a more structured approach to it — Quote of a participant

After finalizing the concept, we piloted it with a creative-pedagogical team, introducing key goals like institutional memory, coordination, and learning. Participants explored who should receive specific knowledge, defined distinctions between data, information, and knowledge, and created knowledge maps for their teams. Terms like "value creation", "push and pull", and "organizational legs" were introduced and applied, fostering a practical understanding.

Feedback was very positive, with participants appreciating the structured introduction and practical reflections. Some valuable tips for improvement were also provided. We're currently planning to offer the workshop regularly in future.

Stay tuned for updates!